NAPA Training is excited to announce an all new version of the
NAPA AutoCare and NAPA Autotech training sites!

Click on a link below to access a site.

User ID:  You will use your old User ID.  Not all special characters are supported in the new system. 
If you had an @ sign (e.g., email address), it is replaced with an _ (underscore).  Plus signs were removed.

You will have a new password of Pa55w0rd (the 0 is a zero).  
You will be prompted to change your password first time you log in.

NAPA AutoCare Centers
log in here.

NAPA Autotech and all other shop customers,
log in here.

NAPA Canada Autotech users,your site is in transition.  Check your communications when it will be ready.

Here’s what you can expect on the new site:

  1.  A valid email address is required in the new system.  Check yours when you go onto the new site.
  2. People who have attended classroom training or logged into the website multiple times since 1/1/2015 will be converted.  
  3. Seven years of your course completion history will be converted.

If you have any questions, please refer to your communications regarding accessing the new site,
please contact NAPA Training Help Desk at 800-292-6428.

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